Best way to sell a car that needs work
best way to sell a car that needs work

Not sure what is the best way to sell a car that needs work? Have you tried everything and you still cannot sell that non-running car? Truth be told, it is harder than most people think, since most of them do not manage it properly.

However, those days are over! Just read our guide and we will show you how to sell your non-running car like the professionals – for real!

We will show you how to market it properly and how to get the most cash. 

Best way to sell a car that needs work

The tips we will bring work, and they do very well, but they also demand a lot of work and patience. In case you do not want to deal with any of that, like checking multiple offers, talking to dozens of potential buyers, endless bidding wars and dealing with collection (very problematic and expensive!), then we can help you!

At Sell the Car USA we take care of everything for you:
  • We calculate the REAL VALUE of your vehicle
  • We offer the BEST PRICE for your non-running car
  • We bring you FREE COLLECTION anywhere in the USA

As you can see, we save you time, bring you more money and take all the stress away – and you can sell it right now to us because we are America’s #1 buyer of non-running and damaged cars.

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Know the Real Value of your car that isn’t working

Before you publish your first ad, you need to know the real value of your vehicle. These factors come into account:

  1. Year
  2. Mileage
  3. Model
  4. Make
  5. Condition

Our tip is to find a high-mileage car that is identical to yours and then reduce its price by 50-60% based on its condition. What you obtain is the approximate price that you can ask for your car. 

Exposure is the Name of the Game to get rid of a car that seems broken beyond repair

Now that you know the real value of your car, it is time to give it the exposure it needs. You need many offers to get the best value, and therefore, you should target multiple marketplaces:

  1. Local Facebook groups
  2. Local Forums
  3. Craigslist
  4. Newspapers ads

You can also reach out to local auto dealers and visit auto repair shops. The key here is to get as many offers as possible to get the most value. 

The Power of Negotiating when selling a car that needs work

Once you have at least five offers, you can compare their bids and start negotiating. Most potential buyers will always try to bid under your asking price. Therefore, we recommend you to add an extra 10% to the original price, so that you have a decent baseline for negotiating.

Nonetheless, remember that handling this aspect can be very stressing, especially if you have several offers and you have to deal with difficult prospects. 

If you do everything right, you will sell your car in no time and for a good price! 

Conclusion – best way to sell a car that needs work

Now you know the best way to sell a car that needs work for real. This is the exact process that professionals follow and now it is decoded for you! Click here to read more about why we are the only ones interested in buying all non running cars.