Best Way to Sell a Damaged Car for Cash


Did you know that you can sell your damaged car for crash? That is correct, you can still get money for your vehicle and we are going to show you how!

Read carefully, because we are going to share with you the tips that experienced car dealers follow to sell such vehicles for a decent profit. You will not find this information anywhere else on the internet, but now you have this guide in your hands!


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best way to sell a damaged car

Evaluate Its State

If it is completely wrecked, then apart from us, you can also sell it to a scrap yard. Nonetheless, keep in mind that they will price it according to the weight of scrap metal. However, if your car is totally destroyed, then this will be one of your unique options.

If the damage is not severe, and the selling price for similar cars to yours is generous, then you can fix it and sell it. It will require more time and money, but it will offer you higher returns.

Again, if the damage is not severe, then there are people like local car dealers and mechanics who will want to buy it from you, so that they can repair it and sell it for a higher price.


Where to Find Car Buyers

Nowadays you have many ways to find buyers. It all depends on the state of your car although. We recommend you to visit local FB groups, especially those dedicated to buying/selling.

Another way to gain exposure to your offer is via local forums, because most of them always have a classified ads section where you can post your damaged car for sale to start receiving inquiries. 

You can also post your ad on Craigslist. According to stats, many mechanics use it to find cars like yours to do their own business, which is to repair and sell. Just be ready to negotiate the price.

You can also try newspapers ads. Again, many local car dealers see these ads to find vehicles like yours, because given the right circumstances, it can be a great business opportunity for them and for your as well.


Final Words

As you can see, it is possible to sell your damaged car for cash, but you are smart enough to see that selling it to us is the best route. Best price, free pickup and hassle-free collection!