Can I sell my car after an accident
How to Sell an Accident Damaged Car


No matter how much your car means to you, if you’ve been involved in an accident your best option is to sell it. Why? Well, there are several reasons, but most notably, it may cost you more than the car’s value to get it fixed.

You may also feel hesitant about getting behind the wheel again – even after any repairs have been completed. Then there’s the concern that even after you’ve paid thousand of dollars to replace the bodywork, or even get a new transmission, that your car will never quite be the same again.

However, if you are wondering “can I sell my car after an accident”is not quite as simple as phoning up a local car dealership, getting them to collect your car, cutting your losses and banking the money that they offer you for it. There are several factors that you need to consider.

Can I sell my car after an accident and why Sell The Car USA is your best option?

We have got the lowdown for you below and will answer you question with the bonus of getting a free quotation online.

Evaluate my car after an accident

Before you even pick up the phone to a local dealership or place an ad online, you’ll need to evaluate the car. Why? It’s simple. The condition of the vehicle will affect the price.

In many states across the US, cars must pass rigorous safety and mechanical tests to be given a rebuilt title. And that’s assuming that it can even be rebuilt. Should the cost of any repairs total 70-90% of the value, the car will likely be given a salvage title. Then your only option is to contact a business like Sell The Car USA.

Have the Appropriate Paperwork for the Accident Damaged car

Selling a car without appropriate paperwork is illegal. This includes, proof of registration, tag, title, license plate number, driver’s license, and auto loan paperwork (if you’ve taken out a loan to buy the car) and a historic record of any maintenance.

Luckily, if your missing one or all these documents, the DMV should be able to help you. They store information about every registered vehicle in the county or boroughs they serve. The required paperwork you’ll need to sell an accident damaged car does vary from state to state. It’s important that you don’t lose any information about your car ownership.

Obtaining Quotations for a Car with Accident Damage

Once you’re satisfied that you have all the required paperwork and that you understand the degree of damage to the car, the next stage is to obtain quotations. Understanding how to sell an accident damaged car is as much about being aware of its value based on condition as it is finding a buyer.

If you want to sell the body damaged car for parts or know if the cost to fix any damage exceeds 70-90% of the car’s value, your best option is to get quotations from lauded car buying businesses, like Sell The Car USA. Why? It’s very unlikely that a local second-hand dealership, or even friend or acquaintance in the local community will offer you a fair price for the car, or even know how to quote for it.

You’re free to contact as many people as you like to get quotations. Sell The Car USA offer a fair price for every vehicle we quote. Not only that, we save you money by offering free pick up of vehicles wherever you are.

Recovered Car Regulations

Like Lemon Laws, recovered car regulations, as outlined by the DMV, vary from one state to another. This can mean that you’ll have to complete one or more forms, depending on where you live in the US.

Additionally, regulations may also be applicable when selling the parts of a car that has been categorized as a ‘salvage vehicle.’ If you’re unsure if any recovered car regulations are applicable to you in the context of how to sell an accident damaged car, Sell The Car USA can help you.

Personal Belongings

Make sure to remove any personal belongings when you sell an accident damaged car. Although it may not seem like a big deal, you don’t want to leave something important in the backseat, boot, foot well or anywhere else in the cabin and walk away from your car for the last time.

As part of the customer-centric service we provide, Sell The Car USA will make sure that you have all your personal belongings, performing a check of the vehicle and asking you if there’s anything in the vehicle you’d like to have prior to taking ownership of the car.

So, there you have it: a basic guide of how to sell an accident damaged car. If you’d like to learn more about Sell The Car USA, or have a vehicle that you need to dispose of, get a quote with us today. We’ll give you a fair price.