Can You Sell a Car Without a Title?
Can You Sell a Car Without a Title

Please note: you will need a title to sell your car with us. Please follow the information below and then come back to us when you have the title. We will offer you a great price for your car, no matter what the condition, as long as you have the title.

Please visit he DMV website for your state to find out how to get your title. Then return here if you wish to sell the car the easiest way- online.

Is it legal to sell a car without a title?

If you’ve owned a car for years, or even decades, it’s not uncommon for paperwork to become lost. This can be especially troublesome – and cause you stress when you decide to sell a broken car or any other vehicle.

But, before you turn the house upside down, rooting for that pink slip which proves that the car that’s served you so faithfully for years and years is indeed yours, take a deep breath. You do need a car title to sell a car, but it might be easier than you think to get a title.

There are many crucial aspects to successfully selling your car. Arguably, having the car title is the most. After all, how else are you to reassure buyers that the car is yours?

Now, if you’re planning to sell your car to a private party, you will almost certainly need the car title to hand. In states such as Indiana and Wyoming (and most US states), it’s illegal to sell a car to a private party without a car title.

Why You Might Not Have a Car Title

There are a few reasons why you might not have a car title. The most common is that the bank has your car title. Why? Lenders will keep hold of the car title until the loan to buy the car has been fully repaid.

So, what do you do if the bank has your car title? Thankfully it’s not as complicated as you think to reclaim your car title. All you’ll need to do is to find a buyer and agree with the bank that the loan will be repaid once you have sold your car. Once completed the bank will hand you the car title – which you can then pass on to the buyer.

You’ve lost the car title. Don’t worry, whether you want to sell a broken car immediately, or want to get your paperwork in order, a lost title isn’t too much of a problem. Normally, all you’ll need to do is to visit your local DMV and asking them to post you a copy of the car title. It only takes a week or so.

If you need the title right away (as you’re about to sell your car, for instance), some states can give you the car title on the spot. There will be a small fee, but it’s a small price to pay for making sure that your care sale is completed without a hitch!

Your state doesn’t issue car titles. Some US states don’t issue car titles for vehicles over a certain age. The good news for anyone looking to sell your accident damaged car to a private seller, is that if the vehicle is over 15 years old, you can register it in the state of Vermont.

However, this can make a private sale a mite tricky as some prospective buyers may insist on seeing proof that you own the car before putting their hands in their pockets.

It’s a good idea to write a clear, dated bill of sale should your vehicle be more than 15 years old. You should document the specifics of the sale (including vehicle condition), and make sure that both you and the buyer signs the document.

Depending on the state you live in, additional forms and paperwork may need to be completed to legally register the car – and issue a new car title, if required. Visit now to select your state and get yourself a new title. Then come back to Sell The Car USA and we will offer to buy and collect your car, anywhere in The States.


So, Can I Sell a Car Without a Title to Sell The Car USA

The quick answer is no, we cannot buy your car without a title. But the process of getting a new one is easier than most think. Please visit the DMV site for your state and follow the correct procedure to get the title for your car. Then we will be able to offer you a quote.

Sell The Car USA offer a FREE valuation, FREE vehicle collection and the promise of a swift payment. It has never been easier, or simpler to sell your car, even if damaged. Contact us TODAY (once you have your car’s title) on: (818) 926 2195 to discover just how easy it really is.