Damaged Car Removal
damaged car removal


Have you been involved in a motor accident? Has your car been totalled? Need to sell a fire damaged car? If so, then it’s important to heed this advice: don’t keep the damaged car on your driveway.

Now, we appreciate that the above statement may be polarising, but keeping a totalled car on your driveway won’t just remind you of the accident every day but, it can be dangerous, and affect your standing in the community.

An attachment that you feel to your car, despite it being totalled, may be financial or it may be sentimental. Sometimes owners can’t bear to part with a vehicle filled with so many memories. Other times, owners may hold the hope that their pride and joy can be salvaged from the wreckage with the skills of a good mechanic. However, if you have a totalled car there is only one way to deal with it – sell it. And here’s why.

A Fire Damaged Car Can Be Unsafe

Let’s tackle the most important reason why you shouldn’t keep a totalled car first – accident damaged cars are unsafe at best, and at worst, downright dangerous. Especially if they caught on fire.

There are numerous reasons why totalled cars pose a notable danger, the least of which is that, when not treated with caution and respect, they can catch fire. Keeping a totalled car in an environment with combustible materials – like a property – can prove unsafe. Petrol is highly flammable, as is car oil. Should oil be spilt on a hot exhaust manifold, it can cause a fire.

In addition, a totalled car will have twisted, sharp metal points that can be difficult to see on the first inspection. This is hazardous – especially to children who may see the car as just another area to play.

Damaged Car Removal for Leaking Oil

Most oil leaks are due to degraded or punctured engine gaskets, leaks in oil pans and seals or damaged mechanical connections. Every motorist at one time or another will have to fix an oil leak, but if your car has been totalled, it will have been sufficiently damaged to receive numerous oil leaks.

This can pose a problem when keeping a damaged car on your driveway. Not only is oil very difficult to remove but it is flammable. Now, oil leaks can be fixed by a seasoned car owner or skilled mechanic but if your car has been totalled, who’s to say that you’ll even be able to identify or reach where oil is leaking from?

Your Home and Annoying the Neighbours

Keeping a wrecked car on the driveway will negatively impact the exterior aesthetic of your home. There are few sights more protruding than having a perfectly well-presented property ruined by a hunk of junk perennially fixed in the driveway.

Depending on the where you live, some of your neighbours may also not be impressed with an eyesore of a totalled car in their vision all year round. Some may even feel strongly enough to believe that your totalled car is a health hazard to them.

Some neighbours may even complain, citing the hazards previously mentioned as reasons for you to remove the totalled car. This can negatively affect neighbourly relationships, and in extreme cases, even cause arguments – especially in a neighbourhood with pristine lawns and white picket fences.

Damaged Car Removal Today with Sell The Car USA

These are just a few reasons why selling your damaged car as soon as you’re able is a wise decision. As strong as your reasons may be for holding onto the car, the reasons to dispose of it – by contracting a company able to buy your totalled car and take it off your hands on the very same day – really cannot be ignored.

If you have decided to remove your accident or fire damaged car from your driveway, Sell The Car USA are here to help you. Click here to have your car removed and get paid for it: Sell My Damaged Car.