Do You Need to Disclose the Accident History When You Sell a Non Running Car?
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Sell a Non Running Accident Damaged Car

Selling a car comes with a host of responsibilities. From ensuring that you have – and present – the buyer with all relevant documentation to disclosing the condition of the vehicle. This is no more apparent than if you’re selling your car to a dealership or independent party.

The legalities involved when selling your car do vary from state to state. Anyone sure of what document, actions, and responsibilities they need to fulfil as a seller should check out what they need to know at their local DMV or online.

Owners do not need to disclose minor damage or repairs when selling a car. Major damage, or if your car has been declared an insurance write-off, is another matter – unless you choose to sell a non running car (or other vehicle) to a reputable business like Sell The Car USA, and even then, being honest and upfront about the history of the vehicle will help to conclude any negotiations swiftly.

So, here are a few points that you should keep in mind when you choose to sell your car outright or trade it in.

Provide Full Disclosure When You Sell A Car After An Accident

Depending on where you live in the USA, your state may legally require you to offer full disclosure when selling your car. Some jurisdictions have very specific disclosure guidelines, asking owners to present information about the car. This is dependent on the age of the car and its proposed market value.

It’s paramount that car owners are honest about the amount of damage sustained by the car throughout its history and the extent of all minor and major repairs. Dealerships are likely to run a full vehicle history before agreeing on a sale, so be warned! If you don’t provide full disclosure, they’ll know!

Should your car be damaged beyond repair and you want to sell a wrecked car to a reputable business, it’s wise to disclose the history of the vehicle and your reason for selling it. Being transparent in all negotiations is always a good idea!

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Can I Sell a Salvage Title Car?

Should your car be damaged beyond repair and your insurance company consider the car to be a total loss, don’t think that this is completely the end of the line. If you want, you can have the car repaired and drive it under a salvage title.

In most states, you must disclose that your vehicle has a salvage title when negotiating any sale. Car insurance companies report totalled vehicles to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. With a vehicle information number, prospective buyers will be able to find the vehicle history. Failing to disclose that your car has a salvage title when you want to sell a non-running car to a buyer could immediately put the brakes on any prospective sale.

Sell a Flood Damaged Car

Some US states have specific disclosure guidelines if your car has been partly submerged and incurred flood damage. The amount and nature of any flood damage repairs will be evident.

Flood damage to the engine, drive train, bodywork or interior can be repaired, however depending on where you live in the US, these repairs will need to be disclosed when selling the vehicle to a dealership independent buyer.

If, however, you want to sell a wrecked car – with flood damage as the culprit – to a business like Sell The Car USA, disclosing that the car has had flood damage is always advised, but, and here’s the main point, it won’t drastically affect the sale.

A Car Re-Build

When involved in an accident and your car hasn’t been totalled, there’s always the option of rebuilding the car for sale. This can involve the replacement of major parts of the car, including the roof or front cowl assembly. Providing that the car passes inspection, your state may assign a rebuilt title to the car.

Trading in a car with a rebuilt title requires full disclosure of the nature of the repairs undertaken. Expect a dealer to undertake a thorough inspection of the vehicle prior to agreeing on a sale. In most cases, you can expect to receive a low offer – so it might be best to sell the non-running car to a specialist car scrapyard, like Sell The Car USA.

If you’re unsure of the best way to sell your accident damaged car or want to understand more about what you need to disclose when selling your car, contact Sell The Car USA today, we’d be happy to provide you with the best advice!