How Much Can I Get From Selling My Non-running Car?

Are you wondering how much cash you will get from selling your non-running car? It is a frequent question because most sellers do not know how to price their cars correctly. Do not believe that because it is non-functioning you have to sell it for pennies.

In fact, you can get a lot more money than you think. We will teach you how to quote your car correctly and show you how to maximize your profits! 

Calculate the Value of Your Vehicle

The easiest and most effective way to get an average price for selling your car consists of four easy steps:

  1. Find a car with high mileage that is equal to yours to know its selling price
  2. Compare at least five different offers for the same car (if possible)
  3. Once you have an average price, reduce it by 50-60% 
  4. Now you know how much you could get from selling your non-running car

You can use this price as the minimum offer you could accept. It will help you to weed out potential buyers who are bidding way below the real price of your vehicle. 

How to Maximize Your Profits

As we have seen in previous articles, there are different types of buyers. Piecemeal buyers and auto repair shops are ideal targets to maximize your profits because you can sell the parts of your car.

By Pieces

Therefore, if you want to make the most profits out of your non-running car, then you will have to dismantle it and sell it by pieces. Nonetheless, it is hard to do it on your own and it will take a while to sell all the parts.

Quick Fixes

You can also increase the value of your car by fixing its aesthetics. It will be a minimal investment depending on the degree of damage. Nonetheless, it will increase its value and allow you to offer it with more confidence.

Target Collectors

Finally, a little secret tip: target classic and vintage car collectors. If you got a model that fits the bill, then you will have many eager buyers who will want to take it from you to repair it. It will bring you a higher return than selling it to a scrap yard or even selling it by pieces. 

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Now you know how much money you can get from selling your non-running car, and in addition, you also know how to maximize your profits!