How to Sell a Non Working Car
How to Sell a Non Working Car

So, you’ve decided to sell an old car that’s been sat on your property for months or even years causing the gaskets and seals to become brittle, tyres to gradually deflate and unsightly brown rust starts spreading around the car like a cancer.

Now, the above description is a mite extreme, but now that we’ve got your attention, the question is, how exactly do you sell a non-working car? Well, when you consider how to sell a none-working car there is one, primary factor that you need to remember: selling a none-working car is not the same as selling a car that’s a couple of years old.

How to Sell a Non Working Car

Want to learn how to sell a non working car or a car that’s not running? Here’s the lowdown of everything that you need to know in a nutshell.

Sell the Car for Parts

If you’re feeling a little entrepreneurial then you could sell a none-working car for parts. Now, whereas this option isn’t ideal for everyone, it’s a good way to make some extra money.

Just because your car isn’t running it doesn’t mean that every single part of the car is without value. Sell your car for parts and you may just be able to make a nice profit on what you paid for the car if, of course, you picked up a second-hand bargain. If you paid tens of thousands of dollars for a Ford truck or German sedan, the likelihood of making a profit selling the car for parts is slim!

Catalytic converters are especially valuable. In fact, demand is so high that it’s not uncommon for people to have their catalytic converters stolen! Why are they sought after? Catalytic converters are built with precious metals, platinum, rhodium, and palladium – all of which are especially valuable.

However, selling a car for parts isn’t without its potential pitfalls. For one, you could easily get scammed if you don’t know how much car parts are worth. It’s also a laborious and time-consuming way of disposing of your car.

Sell to Local Auto Dealers

Now, let’s be clear, when thinking how to sell a none-working car, finding buyers at local dealerships isn’t what immediately comes to mind. Why? Most dealers won’t take a none-working car off your hands because it’s too much hassle for little if any profit when they sell the car on. However, some local auto dealers may be willing to take a broken car off your hands.

However, if your car needs a new transmission or specific hybrid parts for it to be roadworthy, sourcing and fitting these parts can be a headache – and expensive! Are local auto dealers likely to take the car off your hands in this instance? Doubtful.

Remember too, the older your car, the less likely dealers are to take it off your hands. They may know someone who’d be interested in buying your car, but is it worth the hassle to them? Probably not.

Sell Your Non Working Car Online

Selling a none-working car online on Facebook or Craigslist may seem to be simple, however the reality is often quite different from your expectations. For starters, many private sales tend to take much longer than anticipated to complete.

It’s not uncommon for owners to list their car and wait weeks or even months before someone emails them expressing an interesting in buying the car.

Then there’s the frustration of no-shows who promise to come, have a look at your none-working car only for them to say that they’re not interested. You’ve wasted all that time talking to them online, taken time out of your day to meet them in the hope of making a sale and been left with empty pockets and a broken car still sat on your property.

Not only that, advertising online leaves you open to receiving tens or hundreds of unwanted spam emails, even from scammers. Websites like Craigslist are rife with scam bots which crawl pages looking for people’s personal data to steal or duplicate. Is the risk worth taking? The more you consider it, this seems to be an unsafe way of how to sell a none-working car.

Sell to a Reputable Business Who Will Buy Your Non Working Car for Cash

If you want to sell your none-working car quickly, with minimal hassle and get a good price for what you may well consider to be a hunk of junk, there is only one option – contact a specialist business like Sell The Car USA.

We buy none-working cars from all over the USA. It’s simple and straightforward – you’ll get the money for your car quickly and we even provide a FREE valuation and pick up.

When considering how to sell a non working car, there really is only one option: use Sell The Car USA.

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