Not Sure that the Choice to Sell a Non-Running Car is the Best Option for You? Check Out These Amazing Facts About Vehicle Recycling

selling an old non running car for recycling


Automobiles are recycled more than any consumer product in the USA. Across North America alone, more than 40% of ferrous metal for scrap processing comes directly from the automotive industry. These staggering figures mean that the car recycling industry is the 16th largest in the United States. *

It’s estimated that the car recycling industry employs more than 140,000 people across 9000 locations. Anyone who’s ever thought that car recycling isn’t a major contributor to the American economy, think again.


The Truth About Vehicle Recycling

Many of us can sometimes feel that pang of remorse when we trade-in a car that’s served us so well. Taking that one last moment to sat goodbye before we drive away in a shiny new model, our heads are swimming with all the memories that we have of the car.

Those that are sentimental may also hope that the car finds a good home – which is fine. Whether you sell a non-running car or one that still has plenty of life left in it, what the dealership chose to do with your car once they have bought it from you is their decision.

Now, here’s something that dealerships don’t tell you. Many of the cars they accept as part-exchange are sold to auto yards for recycling. Even some performance shops near me take parts to re-cycle.

selling an old non running car for recycling

What You May Not Know About Vehicle Recycling

Vehicles are the number one recycled product in the United States. Depending on the condition of your vehicle, almost all the parts can be recovered and recycled. The typical passenger car consists of 25% recycled steel. *

The most recycled parts of a car are the tyres, windshield glass and steel. Even transmissions, car seats, oil filters and carpets can be recycled. In the USA more than 220 million car tyres are recycled, with the rubber used in the paving of new roadways. Recycled vehicle glass is found in porcelain, countertops and jewellery.

So, in choosing to sell a wrecked car to a company like Sell The Car USA, you’re helping a wealth of different industries across the USA thrive, whilst allowing them to deliver an abundance of essential products are services to customers across the nation.


A Highly Skilled Workforce

Contrary to what some people wrongly assume, when you sell a non-running car to an auto recycling company, the level of skill the workforce is unparalleled. Good companies are equipped with the latest technologies and maintain the strict standards as specified by ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association.)

Since 1943 the ARA has outlined and overseen the strict guidelines for companies operating in the auto recycling industry. Companies whom give car owners the chance to sell a wrecked car hassle-free must abide by the guidelines set forth by the ARA.

These include making sure that staff are fully qualified and highly trained in all practices, including using all machinery and health and safety. New employees must prove that they hold the necessary qualifications to safely and proficiently work on-site.

Workers comp is also offered by some businesses that offer you the opportunity to sell a non-running car to. Whereas this is not always standard, more and more companies across the USA are investing in safety and long-term security of their employees by offering this insurance when they they’re appointed.

Not only that but, as the industry strives to offer higher levels of customer service and greater ease of recycling, more and more services are offered to clients to make the entire process as swift, accessible and hassle-free as possible.

From offering FREE collections and valuations to swift payments for customers looking to sell a wrecked car, the car recycling industry is one of the most-focused of any in the USA. Click here if you want to sell your car now.