Sell Accident Damaged Car: Discover How to Do It
damaged car buyers

As it seems you have an accident-damaged vehicle that you cannot sell, until now.

Thanks to our practical guide, you will learn how to get rid of it for money, because yes, it is possible to sell and for more cash than you imagine!

To sell accident damaged car you need to hit the right places and tailor your offer properly, two aspects that we are going to cover thoroughly in this post.

Sell Accident Damaged Car: Make Your Life Easier

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Examine Your Vehicle

Even if it is accident-damaged, your car may still have functional parts. In case it does, we recommend you to take them away and store them, because you can sell them for decent money to mechanics, auto repair shops, hobbyists and also normal drivers that are looking for replacements.

Furthermore, see if it is possible to repair and still pull a profit for it. It will be hard in most cases, but it is always worth a shot, especially if the accident damage is not severe.

Places that Will Buy It from You

We have already given you two places that will buy it from you, and also an idea on what people will buy the functional parts of it. Once you have dismantled the good parts of it, then you can sell it to a scrap yard.

This is what many people like you do. They take away the good parts, and then they sell the damaged car as scrap metal. It is a nice strategy to get as much money as possible.

However, it is always worth a shot to publicize your damaged car on places like Craigslist and local forums, because you never know when someone may be looking for a car exactly like yours, especially if it is possible to repair it.


As you can see, it is possible to sell even an accident-damaged car. Just follow our tips and you will turn it around in no time. You will get money and you will get rid of that vehicle that is only stalling around.