How to Sell a Car with Serious Accident Damage

The feelings that you have towards your car are instantly and irrevocably changed after an accident. Many motorists feel that pang of unease when just thinking about getting on the road again – feelings that swell considerably if your car was totalled and you’ve luckily come away unscathed.

Most car owners agree that post-accident, selling a car which may have saved your life, though taken a significant hammering in the process, is the best decision that they can make.

But, how do you recognise that your car has been totalled, and what options do you have?


How to Recognise a Totalled Car

The first action to take is to clarify that your car is, in fact, totalled. A self-explanatory term, totalled cars are those that will cost more to fix than the car itself is worth. Older cars and those that have endured significant damage as the result of an accident, or those cars that have endured significant damage will, very often, be categorised as totalled.

Your insurance company will be able to tell you if your car is totalled. Through a series of inspections, examining the extent of the damage, your insurance company can provide you with an estimated cost to fix the damage. Should this cost exceed the value of the car, then it is categorised as totalled.

Another way to recognise a totalled car is to bring it to a company that specialises in buying totalled or damaged cars, such as Sell The Car USA. Once examined, Sell The Car USA will provide you with a valuation, pick up the car free-of-charge, and buy it from you – often on the very same day!

Sell an Accident Damaged Car

Obtaining a Salvage Certificate

Once your car has been classified as totalled, you should contact your local DMV who will issue you with a salvage certificate in lieu of your previous ownership. It’s paramount that you keep this certificate as it proves the car’s legal status when last in your possession.

No matter the extent of any repairs undertaken on the vehicle post issue of a salvage certificate, legally the car is still considered totalled. This voids the warranty and can affect insurance rates.

Some insurance companies do offer to buy the car and salvage it on your behalf. However, the quickest and simplest way for you to sell a totalled car is to sell it to a reputable company, such as Sell The Car USA.


Selling Your Accident Damaged Car

Once you have obtained a salvage certificate, you can then sell the car. Sell The Car USA specialise in buying damaged or totalled cars, and will even come and pick up the car for you. Once you have sold the vehicle, legally you have surrendered ownership and your days or weeks of agonising over just what to do with it are over!

It should also be noted that, although you can sell a totalled car to a private party, it can be notoriously troublesome. Any car issued with a salvage certificate will automatically be subject to vastly inflated insurance costs which can drastically hinder your chances of a successful sale.

There’s also the added hassle of identifying private parties that are willing to buy your totalled car from you, and ensuring that any transaction is completed legally.

Some dealerships will buy a totalled car from you with the aim of selling the car for parts or scrap, however these are not as widespread as you may think, and may not offer you a fair price.

So, if you’ve been involved in an accident which has resulted in your car being totalled, your best option is to sell your car to a reputable company willing to buy it from you. Quick, hassle-free and completely above board, it couldn’t be simpler! Luckily you are already on the best website for selling a damaged car just click on sell my wrecked car now to get a quote and have your car sold tomorrow.