Selling car with bad transmission
selling car with bad transmission

It has never been easier to start selling a car with bad transmission. Thanks to online companies, today car owners don’t just have two options to sell their cars: list them for private sale or agree a sale of their existing car with a dealership and drive away in a shiny new model.

Selling car with bad transmission

So, are you looking to get rid if that old rust bucket? Perhaps you’ve had your eye on that Chevrolet Cruze or Toyota RAV4 and decided now’s the time to take to the road. If so, here are five ways to sell your used car, and one that you should probably avoid!

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Trading in Vs selling a car with bad transmission to us

Generally thought of as the standard way to sell a damaged car, or any used car, trading your car in has many benefits. Not only can your car’s trade in value be used or added to any deposit but, you free your driveway of the old car you’re no longer using.

Any sale is generally completed relatively quickly. The dealer will value your car based on it’s resale value and offer you a trade-in price. Simple, right? However, a word to the wise. Some dealerships may underestimate the value of your car and you may have to take a hit on its actual value.

But, as far as convenience goes, selling your car to a dealer is straightforward. You may, or may not take a hit on price, but if you’re not overly concerned with potentially losing a few dollars, the transaction is usually completed without a hitch. But the price you will get will usually be well below our offer to you.

Sell my car with bad transmission to an outside dealer

Most car dealers are happy to take a used car off your hands regardless of whether you pick up a vehicle from their lot or not. Why? Your car presents them with an opportunity to make some money on the resale themselves.

Obviously, some cars are more sought after than others. If you’re looking to sell a broken car, a dealership may not be willing to take it off your hands. But, if you’ve a 2015 Mercedes in mint condition and with a high spec, a dealership may just be bite your hands off to strike a deal.

Your best option is to make a few phone calls, ask what price dealerships can offer you as an estimate and then pay them a visit. This option will probably be much more hassle than selling your car with a bad transmission to us.

Sell car with a bad transmission to a private party

Selling your car to a private party can get you the best price for your used car. Many buyers are prepared to offer you full retail value (or as close to retail value as you’re likely to get.)

However, choosing to sell your car to a private party isn’t without it’s pitfalls. For one, you will have to do all the negotiating yourself – something that most of us hardly relish. Not only that but, you’ll have to make sure that any prospective buyers have the money to buy your car.

Then there’s the issue of the car’s condition. Private buyers are very cautious when it comes to a used car’s condition. Shrewd buyers will ask for the car’s VIN number to check the vehicle’s history, service history and always ask for a bull of sale. Trying to sell a broken car privately without telling the buyer of the car’s condition is a big mistake. Private buyers often want to inspect under the hood, under seat covers and every other nook and cranny.

You’ll also have to take on the responsibility for advertising the car yourself – and be patient. If you’re looking for a quick sale, selling your car privately may not be the best option.

Sell to Online Damaged Car Buyers

If you’re looking to sell a wrecked car, or used car, quickly you can’t go wrong with selling your car to an online buyer, like Sell The Car USA. The benefit in using online car buyers is that they’ll take the car off your hands, regardless of its condition.

Is your used car flood damaged? No problem. Is the value of the car less than the amount needed to get it back on the road? No problem. Has your car suffered catastrophic engine failure? No problem. An online buyer like Sell The Car USA will be able to help you out.

So, there you have it, four ways to sell you’re a used or broken car. If you’d like to learn more about how Sell The Car USA can help you secure the swift, hassle-free sale of your car, contact us TODAY.