Simple Steps for Owners to Help Sell an Accident Damaged Car: What You Need to Do

Sell an Accident Damaged Car

Selling an accident or damaged car is not quite as straightforward as selling a car in pristine condition. But, it’s hardly difficult either. It’s paramount that of accident damaged cars understand what they need to do to successfully sell the car.

Before we dive into the simple steps that you need to know to sell an accident damaged car, there’s something that car owners need to be aware of: state laws. In California, for example, if a vehicle has sustained damage that equates to more than 75% of its total value then it will be categorised as salvage vehicle. In Florida, a salvage vehicle is classed as a vehicle where fixing it would equate to 80% of the vehicle’s current value.

So, the criteria for how accident damaged cars are categorised does differ. This is important to know as, depending where you live, it will affect your choice of how to dispose of the car. Here’s what you need to know when selling your damaged vehicle.


Recognise the Severity of Damage to Your Car

The first step is to check the extent of damage to your car. If you’re unsure yourself, any insurance company will be able to tell you and designate a status to your car. This will affect how you choose to sell a broken car.

Insurance companies use the definition, ‘totalled’ to describe cars that will cost more to fix than to sell. Damage can include water or flood damage, catastrophic engine failure and cars that have succumbed to the ravages of age. If this is the case, your best bet would be to contact a company like Sell The Car USA who will be happy to take it off your hands.


Get a Salvage Certificate

Once your car has been classified as totalled, you can apply for a new title to reflect the status of the vehicle at the DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles can issue you a salvage certificate in lieu of your previous vehicle title.

This certificate is as important as your vehicle and essential to keep when you sell a broken car. Regardless of the whether an experienced mechanic can resurrect your car and get it back on the road, it will always be considered a totalled vehicle. This will affect your insurance rates and warranties – often making them void.


Sell to Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies do give you the option of selling the vehicle back to them. This immediately takes the strain from you and makes the process of ridding yourself of a totalled car easy. Once they have bought the car, insurance companies legally own the vehicle, giving them the right to do with it what they please.

However, it’s important that you consider the price they offer you to take the car off your hands. You may find that when you sell an accident damaged car to an insurance company, the price they offer is not as favourable as the price you may receive from a company like Sell The Car USA.

Not only that, you probably won’t receive a FREE collection service, nor will you receive a prompt payment for the car. A company like Sell The Car USA offers a hassle-free and quick solution to selling totalled vehicles of all descriptions.


Can I Sell a Totalled Car to a Dealership?

In short, yes – but this is not always the best and most straightforward option. For one, many car dealerships don’t buy totalled cars. It’s simply not worth their time or interest to dispose of the vehicle.

Not only that but, you must remember that dealerships don’t specialise or aren’t highly experienced in how to sell an accident damaged car. Sales can be prolonged and difficult to achieve.

Your best option is to contact a company like Sell The Car USA and ask us for a price. We’d be happy to take the car off your hands – and will do so quickly and free of any hassle.

So, there you have it. Remember selling an accident damaged car is easy when you know how. If you’re in any doubt over the status of your car, or how to sell, contact Sell The Car USA today, we’d be happy to help!