The Best Marketplaces for Selling a Non-running Car
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Have you tried everything and you still cannot sell your non-running car? Perhaps it is because you are not targeting the right marketplaces, nor tailoring your offer correctly.

We do not blame you, because selling a car in these conditions can be harder than you think. Nonetheless, once you finish reading this article, you will have all the knowledge to sell it for a nice profit margin!

Cash for Non Running Cars

Tailor Your Offer – It All Starts Here

Before you publish your first ad or listing, you need to tailor your offer. It will allow you to get a better price and sell it easily.

First, you need to figure out the potential price. According to experts on this matter, you only need to follow 4 steps:

  1. Find the price for a functional car with high miles (evidently, the same you are selling)
  2. Compare at least five different listings to get a precise average
  3. Reduce the price by 50-60% 
  4. Now you have the potential price you could sell your car for

Now that you know how much cash you can claim, you can avoid potential threats such as low offerings, and on top of that, you will stop buyers from putting pressure on you. 

Second, you need to identify your potential customers. Here is the list of people who could buy your car:

  1. Scrap yards
  2. Auto dealers
  3. Piecemeal buyers
  4. Auto repair shops
  5. Independent mechanics

Now that you know the price and your potential customers, you can adapt your offer depending on your preferences. Let us check the best marketplaces! 

Sell the Car USA

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You can also rely on the old and good Craigslist. Since you know how to calculate the potential selling price of your car, you can post your own listing on the platform.

Keep in mind that you will have to negotiate a lot, because most of your potential customers will be independent mechanics and auto dealers, who wish to buy it from you at the lowest price, fix it and sell it for a juicy margin. 

Local Facebook Groups

Similarly, you can also post your ad on local Facebook groups focused on buying/selling. You have to do the same. Just publish your ad with your potential price and get ready to receive inquiries and to negotiate.


Now you know how to calculate the price of your car and to tailor your offer, you should be ale to get top cash for non running cars of all types.

Nonetheless, remember that it takes a lot of work, because you will have to answer tons of inquiries and negotiate prices. It will drain a lot of time and energy. You can save yourself from that by selling at Sell the Car USA!