The Core Benefits of Selling a Wrecked Car
how to sell car without title

When your car has been totalled in an accident, the logical thing to do is to sell it. Yet, many owners don’t. They believe their only option is to get on the phone to the insurance company and stump up for costly repairs.

However, believing that fixing your car is the only option is a falsehood. Owners can sell a damaged car, regardless of its condition. Broken rear axle? No problem. Devastated chassis? No problem. Twisted frame? No problem. You can always sell your damaged car.

There are distinct advantages to selling a wrecked car – especially to America’s number one buyer of damaged cars, Sell the Car USA. So, if your car has been involved in an accident and you’re unsure of whether to sell your car, here are the core facts that you need to know.


Comprehensive Repairs are Not Always the Answer

Let’s face it, after having been involved in an accident your car will never be the same again. You could take it to a reputable mechanic and they could reassure you that after costly repairs are completed your car will be as good as new. However, this is plainly not true.

Mechanics are not miracle workers. They cannot wave a magic wand and restore your car to pristine condition. Not only that but the promise of a hefty invoice could even convince a mechanic’s take on repairs that they have little experience of. This could spell disaster – and compromise your future safety.

It’s not uncommon for a mechanic to fail to spot ALL the damage done. Why? They may not have the time or resources to fully check every aspect of the car. Down the road, you may begin to wish, rather than shelling out top dollar to repair your car, you’d just cut your losses and opted to sell a wrecked car.  


Repairs Will Drastically Compromise Any Resale Value

Even if, after repairs, your car looks like new and drives like a dream, it’s future resale value will have plummeted. Car damage must be disclosed at the point of resale. Imagine if you came to sell your car 12 or 18 months later, only to discover its value is less than the cost of repairs you paid just a year or so earlier?

Buyers will want to see the car history report. Upon discovering the extent of accident damage, they may decide against a purchase – leaving you out of pocket. The decision to sell a damaged car to a company like Sell The Car USA gives you peace of mind that, regardless of car’s condition, a quick and easy sale can be achieved.


Why Choose Repairs Over a Shiny New Car?

You’ll always know that the car you’re driving has been involved in a serious accident. Even if you choose to not sell a wrecked car in favour of comprehensive repairs, they’ll always be that niggling feeling that your car may not be as safe as it appears to be.

The fleeting feeling of satisfaction and relief will quickly disappear. You’ll notice every little perceived fault – something that may affect your driving. Driving anxiety could surface – which alone could be dangerous! – and frustration could set is as you notice little things, such as the engine struggling to start or brake pedals feeling unresponsive.

Not only that, your decision to sell a damaged car to a company like Sell The Car USA could allow you to buy that new car you’ve been dreaming of for ages – one with zero damage and in perfect condition.

These are but a few of the core reasons why selling a damaged car is the best decision that you can make. To find out more about how you can sell a wrecked car with ease today, call Sell The Car USA on: (888) 926-2195.