The Practical Guide to Sell Your Broken Car

Are you wondering how to sell your broken car?

If you have run out of options and you do not know what to do, then we got you covered with this guide. We will cover all the aspects, so that you can have a solid overview about the steps to follow. 

Know Your Potential Buyers

Contrary to what most people think, there are different types of people who are looking to buy a vehicle like yours. Here is the list:

  1. Scrap yards – When your car is totally wrecked 
  2. Auto salvage yards – When your vehicle has some functional parts and can be sold as scrap metal afterwards 
  3. Hobbyists – People interested in buying your broken car to repair it as a part of a personal project 
  4. Mechanics – Interested in buying your vehicle to repair it and flip it for a profit, or to salvage the functional parts
  5. Local auto dealers – Interested in flipping your car after repairing it 
  6. Auto repair shops – Mainly interested in buying the functional parts of your vehicle

Many people resort to scrap yards and auto salvage yards, but keep in mind that you will have to deal with lemon laws and regulations, which make the process a lot lengthier and harder to do. 


Where to Find Your Car or Truck Buyers

Now that you have an idea about what each potential buyer is looking to get out of buying your car, it is time to learn where to find them. 

Here you have a list of ideas that will help you to find your ideal buyer:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Local FB groups
  3. Buy and sell FB groups
  4. Visit auto repair shops
  5. Contact local auto dealers
  6. Local forums
  7. Newspapers ads
  8. Visit scrap yards personally

As you can see, you can approach it online and offline. Alternatively, if you got the funds, you can run a mini FB Ads campaign for your car, in order to target a hyper-targeted local audience. It will help you to raise exposure and attack your specific type of buyer. 


Make It Easier – Sell It To Us!

As you can see, it is a lot of work:

  1. Identify your potential buyers
  2. Publish on different marketplaces
  3. Deal with dozens of inquiries 
  4. Negotiate endlessly with interested prospects
  5. Settle down for a less-than-expected payment

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Final Words

Now you have a practical guide to selling your broken car.