Who Buys Damaged Cars

5 Tips for Selling Your Damaged Car for More Money and In Less Time

If you are having problems selling your broken car, then our tips will help you. We are going to show you how to get more money and how to do it in less time. We are going to clear all of your doubts, guaranteed! But most importantly we will answer the question…

Who Buys Damaged Cars?

The simple answer is us. We want any car, truck or motorbike in the USA. We collect your non running, broken down vehicles as part of the service. Click here to visit our main page, then the green button to start a free online quote.


#1 – Be Honest about the State of Your Car

If your car is broken due an accident, and therefore it has been damaged, then make it clear. Furthermore, be transparent about the accident history, because it will save you from misunderstandings, and allow you to target the right type of buyer.

Apart from sharing the accident history, make sure to any damage to the vehicle. It is important because not doing so can land you in legal troubles. 

In addition, having a real understanding about the actual state of your car will help you to determine whether it is a good idea to sell it as a car or by parts. 


#2 – Consider Fixing It

Before selling it as a broken/damaged car, make sure to get a mechanic to check it, to know if it is viable and profitable to fix it. It will allow you to get more money and to target a wider pool of possible buyers.

We recommend you this route especially if your car is a classic, because it will bring you an even bigger margin of profit. In fact, many mechanics and hobbyists do it, because it is an excellent business opportunity. 

In case your car is damaged beyond repair, then you should contact scrap yards and junk yards. 


#3 – Consult with Auto Salvage Yards

If you want to get a good estimation of the real value of your car, then you should try to get as many quotes as possible from auto salvage yards. It will help you to evaluate the offers you receive from other buyers such as mechanics, hobbyists and auto repair shops. 

Furthermore, they are also a good choice to sell your car, especially if you do not want to deal with paperwork or other tedious aspects of selling your vehicle to individuals.


#4 – Craft Your Offer and Promote it On Facebook

Not many recommend it, but we advise you to craft your offer – in case your car is not totaled/wrecked – and to target potential buyers using Facebook Ads. You can narrow down your audience to your location and to match the profile of your prospects. 

If you have not had luck with other methods, then you can run your campaign for as low as $5 dollars a day, and it will help you to gain more exposure. 


#5 – Sell It To Us! We Buy Damaged Cars In Any Condition

As you can see, it is possible to sell your broken car but it takes a lot more work than you think. Therefore, if you want to make things easier while getting more money and even free pickup of your vehicle anywhere in the US, then you have to sell it to us! 

We are the biggest buyer of broken cars in the country, and we buy it from you today. Just click here to make it happen!

who buys damaged cars
Who buys damaged cars? We Do!


Final Words

Now you have in your hands valuable tips that will make the selling process a lot easier. Put our tips into practice and you will get fantastic results!