Who buys wrecked cars near me
who buys wrecked cars near me

Many ask “who buys wrecked cars near me“. Most of us assume that when you sell a wrecked car to a salvage yard the vehicle is chopped up before being disposed of in an ethical, environmentally friendly way that adheres to state legislation. This is true of all leading auto salvage yards. We offer a great alternative to salvage yards as we buy wrecked cars and collect them and pay good money. 

Who buys wrecked cars near me

What many car owners are unaware of is the meticulous care and attention that businesses like Sell The Car USA take to make sure that we recycle and re-use all the parts we can. This is indeed the case with every one of our vehicles. We are the best wrecked car buyer for everyone in the USA as we pay you well and collect the car, truck or motorcycle for free.

This means that selling a vehicle that’s beyond repair to a salvage yard will not only save you much time hawking your car to second hand dealers with little chance of any real success but give you peace of mind that your vehicle will be properly disposed of.

So, what happens when you sell a severely damaged or wrecked car to a salvage yard?

Vehicle VIN Numbers are Removed from the DMV System

One your vehicle has been formally classified as having reached its end of life (EOL) either through accident or flood damage, the ravages of time or accumulative wear and tear, the DMV will assign its status as EOL.

This means that the vehicle is no longer suitable to road travel. Once your vehicle has been given EOL classification, it’s VIN number is removed from the DMV’s system. This means that no one else can buy the vehicle, fix it and then attempted to sell my damaged car without any customers finding out it’s a salvage vehicle.

End of Life Wrecked Old Cars are Recycled

Approximately 12-15 million vehicles * reach are classified as End of Life in the US every year. EOL vehicles are assessed, with parts separated and disposed of appropriately. All hazardous chemicals are treated with the utmost care by fully trained professionals before being removed and discarded safely.

In fact, did you know that dumping any hazardous chemicals from your car in unassigned areas can result in a fine of thousands of dollars. So, before you decide to dispose of, or sell a wrecked car, it’s paramount that you talk to experienced professionals, like Sell The Car USA, who will guide you through the entire process.

Did you know that almost 25% recycled steel sold to processors and manufacturers who use it to make new consumer goods? By taking your car to an auto salvage yard, you’re doing your part for the environment and sustainability. But asking who buys wrecked cars near me isn’t always as simple as that. This is another reason to use Sell The Car USA instead of a salvage yard.


Who buys old wrecked cars and re-uses the parts?

A vehicle’s tyres are some of the most recyclable parts of the car. In today’s commercial climate with an emphasis being put on environment sustainability, tyres are recycled as often as possible. Uses for recycled tyres even include a supplementary fuel used at cement factories to heat kilns.

Retailers across the USA also offer to dispose of your vehicle’s old tyres. However, why would you take your vehicle’s old tyres to a separate shop when you could sell my damaged car, tyres and all, to salvage yard like the one operated by Sell The Car USA?

Consumers should also know that an experienced business, like Sell The Car USA will dispose of potentially dangerous vehicle coolant efficiently and ethically. Legally, owners of broken cars cannot drain vehicle coolant and then dispose of it on their property, flushing it down the sink or splashing it across those pesky garden weeds. Why? Well, when it rains the toxic coolant you think that you’ve disposed of can flow to major waterways causing serious health and environmental concerns.

Moreover, should your engine not be cranking up, there’s no way to thoroughly drain the coolant from the engine – and hence specialist equipment will be required to sufficiently drain and dispose of the coolant.

Who buys wrecked cars near me – Sell The Car USA does

Arguably the single most important part of a vehicle that only an experienced salvage yard should dispose of is the car battery. Why? Car batteries contain lead, a toxic metal that should be kept away from groundwater at all costs. When you decided to sell a wrecked car to an auto salvage yard, you’ll be assured of the peace of mind that the car battery will be appropriately disposed of.

Indeed, both the lead and the sulphuric acid found in a car battery is recyclable. By taking your old car battery to a salvage yard, like the nationwide ones operated by Sell The Car USA, you are disposing your vehicle in efficient, thorough and environmentally conscious way.

So, there you have it. A basic overview if what happens when you ask “who buys wrecked cars near me. If you’d like to learn more, or for us to come and take a wrecked car off your hands completely free of charge, call us today on (888)-926-2195.